Friday, June 17, 2011

Dream Catchers

Recently I came across this blog on For Sure Jadore, and was completely taken back to summers at Girl Scout camp, when I used to make dreamcatchers out of grape vines, yarn, beads, and feathers. What a time warp! How I loved to go to Camp Kachina, and looked forward to it more than anything else each summer. At the end of each session, I would come home with an assortment of crafts I had made.  I still have a dreamcatcher that I made there around fifteen years ago!

I wanted to try my hand at it again, and remembered that we had seen a cluster of grape vines growing along a trail behind our apartment. Cutters in hand, we took to the path to garner a small collection of dried vines. I then assembled an array of supplies, from twine, yarn, and a colorful assortment of embroidery floss, to a multitude of shells, beads, buttons, flowers, sea glass, scrapbook paper, markers, feathers, and pastel chalks, then got to work. It took a few days to knock out three, but I have finished, and each one has a unique aesthetic.

The first has a Nautical theme, almost New England coastal, with shells, sea glass, rough twine, feathers, and found objects...

The second is colorful and eclectic, with ribbons, floss, feathers, beads, and buttons of every color...

The third is simple and romantic. I wanted it to look as if someone had hung flowers to dry, and feathers had somehow settled into them....

This coming week I should be opening a new shop on Etsy, where I will be selling art, housewares, refinished furniture, and crafts such these dreamcatchers. Check back in soon! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Sooo cute! I love the third one. Cant wait to see your shop!


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