Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Eclectic Homes

Our lease is ending soon, and we are now in search of a new apartment. I know that many of you are saying, I thought you loved your apartment, and you are correct, we did. However, our neighbors have become less than bearable, having small children that seem to have boundless energy and whose tiny pattering feet disturb us at all hours of the day. Thus, we are now in search of a new abode. In all honesty, we are extremely excited about the prospect of finding some funky new digs. A fresh start, possibly a little more room for my crafting, and maybe even a garage to expand my creative empire. In my giddiness, I have begun browsing inspirational homes, and found this lovely lair in Elle Decor. This Moroccan gem is delightfully eclectic with colorful local accents that make it coveted by those near and far. See for yourself.

{Photos via Elle Decor}

Who wouldn't love to live in this fabulous fortress? I, for one, am incredibly envious. What kind of home inspires you? To see the full story, click here.

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