Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday MTv!


Happy Birthday MTv! Thirty years ago today, you began changing our lives one video at a time. How many of us spent late nights up watching and waiting for our favorite videos to dazzle us with their entrancing images? How many girls watched Madonna writhe around in a white dress, while teasing their hair, donning plastic bracelets, bows, lace, tattered layers, and Boy Toy belts? How many young men watched Nirvana, grew their hair long, and wore grungy T-shirts and flannels? Many of the great musical artists of our generation can attribute their overwhelming success and stellar careers to the steady streaming of your channel into each and every one of our homes. The music and fashion industries have been greatly influenced by these sounds and visions of punk, rock, grunge, pop, and metal. Generations have followed your lead and continue to do so. Congratulations on your fantastic success and may you have many years to go (hopefully with more Music in the future)!

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