Friday, August 19, 2011

Things I Love From Etsy: August

As the weather begins to change again, it sets the stage for cool Autumn days, festive nights, and relaxing outings. Football season is beginning and bbq pits will be fired up, we will enjoy long walks in the cool evening air and watch the changing leaves fall, children will enjoy the fresh air playing outside and diving into piles of gathered leaves, we will sit on porch swings and watch the world slowly go by, we will pack up the car and head out into nature for relaxing adventures, we will gather together with loved ones to celebrate, and we will do this all in the great outdoors. Here is a collection of wonderful outdoor inspired creations from talented artist across the Etsy world.

an Etsy Treasury by Amber Tobias of Gypsie Gems

You can view the entire collection here, and find links to purchase these items and others.
I do not claim ownership of these photos. They are from the creators of the items above.

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