Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Delightful Dining

I have my wonderful table that I adore, and which suffered some damage during the move, but now I need some chairs to go with it. I have two, but Keith is not crazy about them. I love the idea of mismatched or different colored chairs, but I need a more specific idea of what I want. Well, it would be ideal anyway. I have a feeling I'll just be hitting up my neighborhood Goodwill, taking what I can find. In any case, here are a few dining sets that I am loving.

Mismatched chair in the same color from APARTMENT THERAPY.
I still adore these I found on PAINT IT WHAT I TELL YOU.
This makes me wish I had an oblong table, from MANOLO FOR THE HOME.
 I love bringing the outdoors in, via THIS IS GLAMOROUS.
It is done to chic perfection at Loftenberg.
And who could forget this famous table, via WORLEY HOUSE.

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