Monday, September 12, 2011

A Dash of Color

After enduring the grueling task of priming the walls of my old apartment in the August heat (the electricity has already been turned off), to cover the kaliedescope of colors I had chosen to paint them, after only six months of living there, in order to not be charged, I have learned my lesson. The new house will not be painted. In stead, I have chosen to add color to our lives in other ways. Lately I have been fascinated by homes that are brought to life through colorful touches on a neutral canvas. My life is now centered around finding bright elements to bring into our new little nest.

This rug is simply amazing. {via}
Fun mix of prints. {via}
I want that chair. {via}
This is my favorite color of blue. {via}
I want these chairs so badly! {via}
Great color combo. {via}
These are the colors of my room. {via}
Rug envy again. {via}
Love the natural coffee table against the modern decor. {via}

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