Thursday, September 29, 2011

Things I Love From Etsy: Emerald

Here is another gem of a collection from varying masterful creators at Etsy. I can never get enough of the fantastically creative items one can find browsing the pages. Lately I've been completely enamored with greens and couldn't resist the urge to pull together some charming and beautiful pieces for this Green With Envy Treasury.

1. Chicago Photo from T Capone Photo.
2. May birthstone hard candy gems from Vintage Confections.
3. Original Acrylic/Mixed Media Abstract Fine Art Painting from Art by Cherinda.
4. Emerald Green Jewel Beetle with Rhinestone Brooch from Bee Trims.

1. Glitter Vinyl Purse from Retro Redone.
2. 3 Succulents Grab Bag from Tall Poppy Gardens.
3. Mermaids Tail wire wrapped seaglass pendant from Palmeras.
4. Carina Dolci Mineral Eye Candy from Carina Dolci.

If you'd like to see my entire collection of green gems and direct links find each of these items, check out my Green With Envy Treasury on Etsy here.


  1. Wonderful finds, thank you very much for including my print, "The Aragon" Many thanks! :)


  2. I *love* those jewel tones!

  3. I know. It's so magically intoxicating.


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