Friday, October 7, 2011

Things I Love From Etsy: Renaissance Gear

There is one season that I most anxiously await each year. A season that I love more than Christmas. A season wherein all come out from the shadows and wave their freak flags high. Renaissance season! Tomorrow is the opening day of the Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF), a fair that I have been working for nearly half of my life. For me, it is better than Christmas, because I get to spend eight weekends with my family (who also participate), I get to play dress up, I get to entertain, I get to hang around some of the most interesting people, and (best of all) I get paid to do it! As something I unwittingly stumbled into at the age of fifteen, Ren Faire has now become something I love, cherish, and eagerly anticipate each fall. In honor of this magical season, I have rounded up some Medieval Madness inspired creations from some talented folks at Etsy.

1. Bow and Arrow Pin Brooch from Unique Creations.
2.Crow on a Skull Gothic Macabre Art Print from Tiger House Art.
3. Black Underbust Corset from Damsel In This Dress.
4. Medieval Studded Boulder Opal Ring from Earth Art Jewelry & Gem.

1. Knight Mast from Atelier Pirate by Piratemask.
2. Steampunk Leather Cuff from Sewlutions by AMO.
3. Wide Leather Buckle Belt from Karen Kell Collection.
4. Armor Helmet from L H Black Smiths.

To see my entire collection of Medieval Madness inspired items and their links, click here.

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