Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wardrobe Envy: Nicole Richie

From her perfectly effortless strands to her chic pedi, the girls has it down to a science. A far cry from her early days of celebrity, Nicole has found the exact equation for mixing a little boho with a little glamor, to create her hip signature style. I believe that one of my other fave fashionistas (Rachel Zoe) can be credited with being the catalyst for this transformation, but the girl has taken it and run. Even throughout her burgeoning pregnancies, Nicole remained perfectly put together. Girls around the world look to her for style cues, and can find a treasure trove of stylish gems to mimic.

2. via Zimbio
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9. via Denimology
10. via Glamour
11. via Latina
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16. via Fashionista

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