Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mapping Out A Design

Maps may serve a bevy of functions, the least of which is not guiding lost souls to their desired destination. Additionally, they can make a handsome addition to the design aesthetic of any room. Since our travels have been put on pause, I have gained a fascination with maps. Perhaps, because I am no longer pouring over them searching for our next destination. After a year and a half of staring at them, my life seems a little less without.

In order to satiate the need to look over them again, I have decided to incorporate maps into the decor of our house. Beside conventional and basic framing, there are numerous ways to creatively display and use them.


3. via Homedit
4. via Nenaghgal
6. via Veneer
9. via Casa Sugar
11. via Viva Terra

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