Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pillow Talk

Living in rental properties can make decorating a challenge at times. We decided to take the plunge with our last apartment, and paint the walls bold shades of Central American inspired colors. I adored the overall effect, but loathed the priming processed that was required of us before moving out. With our new home (a much larger, two story, duplex) we are choosing to keep a neutral base (white walls, wood floors, and beige carpet), and accenting it with bright pops of color. We have a beige and brown couch, and have just purchased two sitting chairs, which will be re-covered with a green and white/beige printed fabric. To add color, and am looking for brightly colored throw pillows to tie in the blues, greens, oranges, and purples, scattered throughout the living room. With a little Etsy research, I've found some wonderful pillows that are just what the doctor ordered.

For more info or to purchase these items, follow the links below.

3. via Kain Kain
8. via Kyoozi

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  1. Completely relate - sometimes feel like you have your hands a bit tied with a rental, so the challenge is to get extra creative (or extra friendly with your landlord :) - LOVE #8 in blue + white :)


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