Friday, February 24, 2012

My Bohemian Wedding: Decorated Bottles

When we visited our venue for the first time, the owner had some centerpiece ideas on the table. They were the perfect rustic bohemian type decorations that I wanted. I was ecstatic! They were cute, simple, and easy to do with everyday items. One of my favorites were these charming little embellished bottles and jars. Here is a tutorial on how to make your own for your wedding, or just to add some charm to your home.

I started saving wine bottles, and jars for this project.

I soaked them is some warm soapy water to loosen up the labels.

A good stiff scrubber will help get them off. Mine has a plastic scraper on the back that I used.

My supplies.

A large spot of hot glue to get started.

A few quick wraps of the twine before the glue dries. I only used the hot glue at the beginning and end of the twine. Wrap tightly and close to avoid gaps.

I used two pieces of twine tied together to create the little knot detail in the middle.

I also tried out a bottle.

You can also do this with burlap, lace, ribbon, yarn, etc. A cute, simple, and affordable idea for decorating everyday items.

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