Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Plate Wall

I have swooned over perfectly put-together walls of decorative plates here, and I have been slowly piecing my own together for sometime now. I've gone to numerous thrift shops, picking up random slightly mismatched plates, and positioned each in their own suitable place on my dining room wall. It took some time, but it is finally complete. Please excuse the poor lighting in the photos, I am working on better. What do you think?

 You can pick up these awesome hangers at the hardware store and most general stores, and there are a variety of styles available. I usually use some that are more heavy duty, but in this case I asked Keith to pick some up for me and this is what he bought. 

I bought mismatched plates very inexpensively at various thrift stores around town.

Since these hangers are made for more lightweight objects, I used more than one on these last few plates. Most of them are hung with larger hangers.

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