Monday, March 19, 2012

My Bohemian Wedding: Bridemaids Cards

After seeing all of those wonderfully charming ways ask to girls to be your bridesmaids, I just had to make some cards myself. I love scrapbooking and my office is brimming with supplies, so this was the perfect idea for me. It was a fun labor of love, and it seems that my girls loved the gesture (I waited until they received them to make this post). I had a set of blank cards and envelopes to start with, and simply built upon those. Here is a step by step of how I did it...

I cut a long strip of scrapbook paper and attached it across the front.

I cut a smaller accent paper and attached it over the top of the last. 
I used photo tape, but pretty much any double sided tape or glue will work.

I sketched a dress in purple and traced it in pen, on a carefully torn strip of paper.

I printed up "Will you be my bridesmaid?" four times on regular paper...

... and cut them out.

I attached the strip to varying larger pieces of paper, punched out some small holes
along the sides to put flower shaped brads through.

All put together. 

I printed up some personalized messages.

I cut these out and decorated them with stamps before attaching them to 
accenting papers.

All together.

A little more stamp detail on the top.

I added a little stamp detail to the front as well.

Another personal touch on the envelopes, and we're all finished.

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