Friday, June 7, 2013

A Look Back at Antigua

I can't tell you how good it felt to go back to Antigua after nearly three years and be welcomed back with smiling faces and massive hugs. We hadn't walked two blocks from our hotel before an old co-worker drove by on a moped, smiling and waving. We then turned a corner and bumped into an old friend, who kindly said "Welcome home." The sweetest words anyone could have said. My heart nearly burst. We caught up with old friends, ate at all the old spots, and walked the city over and over, taking in all of the familiar sights.

It was the perfect week. This city is still as beautiful as I remembered, there are still smiling familiar faces, it's good no know that we are still in the hearts of those who stayed, and we will always be welcomed back with open arms. I couldn't ask for more.

Here is a little visual tour of our week.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Little Glass of Water


I had the strangest revelation yesterday. I spent the afternoon hiking to a little swimming spot with a few friends yesterday, in the sweltering Texas heat. I was a puddle by the time we got to the water. Rough. While there, my husband called to let me know that my brother in law was in town, and that we were going out to dinner with him later. Yikes! We hung out a bit, then made the grueling trip back. I cleaned my myself up, we loaded up, and headed out for dinner.

By the time we chose a restaurant and sat down, my legs started aching. A feeling I had known all too well as a child. I used to get such bad leg pains, I would be up crying at all hours of the night. My mother would cover my legs in Absorbine Jr, or a heating pad, and I would wait for the pain to subside. While sitting at dinner last night, I told my husband about my situation, as I rubbed my sore pegs. He told me to keep drinking water. A short time later, the pain began to dissipate. I was dehydrated! Duh! I never played sports, where coaches know about these things, so I never knew. I guess my parents didn't connect the dots either. All those nights, sitting up crying, and all I needed was a glass of water.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Back Home...

...but not quite back on track. We had a fantastic time visiting our beloved Antigua, but I must say it feels good to be home. Mostly because it was an exhausting week. It felt like a jam packed week of catching up with old friends, making new friends, having drinks, eating out, and visiting our old haunts, which we do all in moderation at home, and had a hard time keeping up with. To add to our fatigue, the beds in Guatemala are geared toward basic function, rather than comfort. All the hard work my chiropractor has done was shot to hell after this week. Oh well. We had the most lovely time, and are looking forward to our next visit. I'll post pictures later this week, and give you a peek into our little vacation!