Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Easy DIY Halloween Art

I am so glad I got to do this, and now get to show you! This is a super easy way to add some spookiness to your home for Halloween this year. I keep seeing these awesome prints on old book pages, and I am absolutely in love with them. I had a few cheap frames laying around that I had picked up from Goodwill, which I decided to use.

 I found this great website called The Graphics Fairy, that had these awesome free printables for Halloween! She had actually printed them on fabric, but I went with pages from an old book I had. I had to adjust the size to fit the page when I printed them.

Then, I used some acrylic paints to add some color to the frames.

I trimmed and added the prints to the frames.

I decided I wanted to frames to look more distressed, so I used some sand paper to rough them up and strip away some of the paint. I then used a fan brush and some watered down black acrylic paint to do a light wash over them and give the colors more depth.

I love how they turned out! And they were so simple to make!

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