Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween Faux Taxidermy

Ok, I have to say that I'm totally in love with these! They turned out better than I even imagined. Originally, I was just going to paint the wooden plaques with silhouettes, but my husband saw them and thought I was going to mount something on them. After he said it, I thought it was a brilliant idea! So, I started thinking about what I could use that would be inexpensive. Stuffed animals came to mind, and then the weirder part of my brain thought of the doll head. So, idea in mind, I went in search of subjects and found them at the Dollar General for a few dollars each, which suited my budget perfectly.

I painted the plaques with acrylic craft paint; giving each one a fun and unique design, while using the same color scheme.

Then, came the odd job of decapitating the happy little guys, which was a little strange and twisted.

To make mounting easier, I cut circles of stiff felt and stitched them onto the holes of the beheaded animals.

I used hot glue to mount the two. It seems to be holding well right now. We'll see if they are still in one piece when I pull them out of storage next year.

The doll proved to be much more difficult. I drilled a screw through the back of the plaque and essentially had to screw to head onto the end of the screw. I then (with great difficulty), screw a second screw through the inside of the head down into the plaque. It's a little crooked, but I'm just happy I got it on there! 

I can't show them hung just yet, because I'm working on a Halloween gallery wall, which they are a part of, and I'm not quite finished yet. I'll show more next week, so check back!

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