Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holiday Gallery Wall

I have been wanted to show you my holiday gallery wall, but have been a little behind lately. I changed it up this year. Last year it was comprised of holiday themed plates alone. This time around, I wanted an interesting and festive collection that tied in with the color scheme I chose for the dining room. As always, I spend as little as possible, and get as creative as I can. I scoured Pinterest for inspiration, and here's what I came up with.

 This plate was one of three I used. I purchased it from a thrift shop last year, and used gold porcelain paint to add the deer to the center.

I make sure I always have natural elements throughout my house, especially during the holiday season. I saw a painting similar to this, and decided to make my own version in my colors.

A classic holiday phrase that fits perfectly into any dining room setting. A simple wooden plaque from the craft store and acrylic paint brought this cheery sign to life.

Another easy project, this K was a large unfinished wooden letter from the craft store, also embellished with acrylic paint.

One of my favorites, (also keeping with the natural theme) this is simply a small canvas wrapped in burlap and painted with white acrylic paint.

This sweet little bird was too cute to pass up at half price, and he fits in perfectly!

A Christmas tree cut out of gold craft paper, mounted on a piece of burlap, and framed in an old thrift shop frame, bring all of the elements together.

These snowflakes and deer where inexpensive craft store purchases last year. A little paint helps them tie in wonderfully. 

All together now!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Tablescape

I feel like it's been so long! Well, it has been a while. I got so busy with working at the Texas Renaissance Festival, that I just got backed up on everything else.

But, I'm back now and I've got some holiday fun for you! I've been working on getting the house all dressed up in its holiday duds, and I'm going to start by showing you my easy holiday tablescape!

The best way to start is to pick a color scheme. I went with colors that I already had. My table is turquoise, and I just bought a green table cloth and curtains. My seating bench for the dining room table is upholstered in a green and turquoise patterned fabric, so my color direction was simple to choose, and my house being so packed with color, made it easy to pull from. I wanted to throw in blues, golds, and silvers, to add depth to the varying tones of green.

You can find fun things to mix in at your local thrift store, dollar store, and discount stores. So, keep an open mind when approaching projects like this, and always have fun!

The candle holders, Christmas tree, and glass jars were purchases from my local thrift store, and I picked up these cute little silver reindeer from Walgreen's for just $3.99 each!

I picked this table cloth up for around $8 at Ross, and thought it would be quite versatile throughout the year.

I just picked up these square white plates recently at Dollar Tree, and they are great for mixing and matching! The place mats, and plates were old purchases from Ross, and I just love them.

The napkins and napkin rings were wedding gifts, and work wonderfully with this setting. I simply tucked holiday sprigs from the craft store into them to dress them up. The glasses I picked up at Wal-Mart a few years ago in various colors. 

The ornaments were a new purchase from Hobby Lobby, which I got for half off!

I love having rough and natural elements throughout my house, so I threw down a stretch of burlap atop the table cloth to bring that touch into the setting.

You can see a little peek of my seating bench here.

I just had this fantasy of making this gorgeous hanging centerpiece, and tucked in some clippings from the tree into the fixture to add texture and interest.

I found these gorgeous shatter-proof glittering ornaments at Hobby Lobby for half off as well! They really just make the whole thing pop and sparkle. I'm so in love!

This little guy was a great inspiration for my color selection, so he just had to come home with me!

I hope you love my tablescape as much as I do, and are inspired to pull together something gorgeous for you own home!

Check back this week to see my new gallery wall for the dining room as well!