Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday's Fashion Finds: East Coast Collection

I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for the weather to settle down and warm up! I'm dreaming of lazy days on the beach, fresh sea food, exploring the coast, and looking ever so stylish doing it all. So, I've gathered up some fresh nautical inspired goodies from Etsy that will have you longing for a trip to the East Coast ASAP! 

For the complete collection, click here.

I love this Cord Necklace from Frou Frou NYC.

These Geode Cavern Earrings from Erin Lynn Schitz remind me of fresh oysters.

This Crossbody Chevron Purse from Cindy Mars 7 is perfect for storing your necessities when taking a beach outing.

This cool Anchor Tank from Friendly Oak is perfect for throwing over your swim suit.

This laid back Nautical Rope Bracelet from Buoy 6 would be a great accent to any outfit.

You can top it all of with this Panama Hat from Ella Gajewska Hats.

This darling Nautical Dress from Me and My Dress is perfect for a stroll along the beach collecting sea shells.

This cute little Straw Purse from Chic Hippie Vintage is perfect for carrying your essentials if you want to venture off for a fashionable lunch.

A retro inspired suit like this Bandeau Set from Amourouse is a must.

This Ship Wheel Necklace from Tania Wonderland is just the right amount of bling for a trip to the beach.

***Make sure you check out the full collection of East Bound treasures, and head over to my Etsy shop to see what's new, as well as what's on sale!***

Monday, February 24, 2014

DIY Planner

I don't know about you, but one of my main goals this year was to get more organized. I tend to be a little forgetful, so I needed to find a way to keep all of the important things in my life neat and accessible. I've noticed a couple of people I follow on Instagram are really into these Filofax planners. I think they are super cute, and totally customizable, which is fantastic if you're a little creative like me. I went to Target in search of one of these, or something like it. I came up with almost nothing. I scoured the aisles, but could not find a planner with any character, and definitely didn't find any Filofax planners.

What I did find was this adorable mini binder on clearance, as well as lined paper, pocket dividers, and mini page protectors. I figured it was a good start, and I could go from there. I took my goodies home and searched around on Pinterest for some inspiration and free printables. With some great ideas, I got to work. Here is my planner...

 I snagged this cutie for under $3!

I used some printed duct tape to give it a little big of fun character. I want to decorate the cover more, but I'm not sure what I want to do yet.

I personalized the inside with one of my postcards trimmed down and a free printable I found. I love inspirational little quotes, so I'll be adding them throughout.

My first section is my calendar. 

I used craft paper to line the back of my printed calendar pages, and had to dress them up a bit.

I also bought sticky tabs to make flipping through the months easier.

For the monthly calendar, I found a great source for  free printables by Kate Goldsby.
She also provides great ideas and inspiration with her own Filofax.

I chose to use her monthly and weekly templates. And again, I had to add my own touch to each.

Next to my weekly planners, I added these pocket dividers to hold important items like bills.

Behind the calendars, I created personalized sections that work best with my life. I have a To Do, Shopping, Orders, Etsy, Blog, Notes, and Cleaning. 

I used the lined paper I purchased, and made a template with Microsoft Word to customize pages for each section.

I copied and pasted the template, and changed each one bit.

A great source for fonts that I use is DaFont.

I found some great ideas for creating my own cleaning list on Pinterest. I pulled ideas from several different places to create my own using Microsoft Word. I used lightweight card stock for this, cut
8 1/2" x 11" sheets in half and printed on both sides.

Here's how I made my dividers.

Use and 8 1/2" x 11" paper, or cut one down to that size.

Fold it over, leaving about a half inch exposed.

Mark off where your tab should be, and trim it down.

I used stamps to label it, but you could write it by hand, print it, or use a label maker. You could skip this process altogether and use sticky tabs here as well.

I used page protectors for my dividers, but you could easily punch holes in them and add them to your binder.

A planner is useless if you don't have a pen, so I used some heavy duty glitter craft paper to make a little pocket, which I hot glued on. 

The whole thing is a work in progress. I'm so excited to have this now! Please feel free to ask questions, or share your own ideas!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Fashion Finds: Music Festival Gear

With fashion week wrapped up, I thought I might round up some wearable wonders that I love, and think you might like as well. With SXSW coming up here in Austin, it got me thinking about music festivals, and the funky fashions you see in attendance. If you're planning on hitting any up this year, you might want to pick up a couple of these rockin' pieces.

Being a seller and supporter of handmade goods and vintage finds, I find any excuse to spread the love to my fellow Etsians. If you guys like this, I might make it a regular feature. Let me know what you think.

I am over the moon for this Signature Necklace from Mackenzie Treasury.

 I am dying to wrap myself up in this vintage abstract Black Sky Kimono from The Rainbow Farmer.

This Python Rib Necklace from Man Is Five is so rock and roll.

Nothing says cool like a cat wearing sunglasses, and this Cat Shirt from Pano T Shirt hits the mark.

How swanky is this Fedora from Ella Gajewska Hats?

I'd love to dress up my 'do with these pretty little Gold Bird Bobby Pins from Shop Elizabeth Perry.

These flowing Linen Pants from Idea 2 Lifestyle will make sure you are comfortable all day long.

This Sexy Fringed Bikini from Shopping Concept would be perfect to rock by the pool.

I love this graphic Tribal Bracelet from Boutique Minimaliste.

I need these Floral Leggings from Genuine People in my wardrobe.

The pockets in this Summer Dress from Kelans Art Couture are perfect for stashing your lip gloss.

This Navajo Print Purse from Mercy Grey Design Co is perfect for stashing all of your essentials.

Make sure you're walking in style with these Gold Toe Ankle Boots from The Velvet Moon.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Big Sale at Gypsies Crafts & Treats Shop!

I've been updating my Etsy shop, and going through my inventory over the last few days. In doing so, I've realized that I have a ton of inventory that needs to go! It's getting a little ridiculous! A lot of it is seasonal stuff that I have leftover, and some of it I never even listed. Time for action! I'll be listing sale items all week, so pop in and grab some goodies! Stock up and save! Here are a few items I've listed so far...

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